How Awesome is Your Job? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Do I look forward to starting work in the morning?

Okay. Admittedly, there are few people that can jump out of bed (especially on a Monday morning) and proclaim, “Gee! I can’t wait to get to work!” However, how do you feel about your job when you’re clocking in? Is it just another day, just another dollar or do you genuinely enjoy what you do?

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Who can I turn to when there’s a problem?

It can be anything, from a broken copier or a disruptive co-worker. Do you feel heard by your supervisors? Nothing is more discouraging than feeling like your problems aren’t considered or addressed.

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Is there someone in the office I can call a friend?

Sure, this might not be the fault of the company you work at — but it’s just as important. Do you have anyone in the office that is more than just a co-worker? Do you have someone to go to lunch with? Someone to vent to when things get tough? Having a friend in the office is an important part of your mental health.

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If I spent the rest of my career at this company, would I feel accomplished?

This is a big one. Today it’s not uncommon for one person to hop along multiple jobs in their career. For some people, this is just because they like switching jobs. For others, it means they aren’t happy with the company they’re with. Look at your company: can you see yourself spending the next ten years here? How about the next thirty? Pay attention to folks who are retiring. Are they ready for retirement? You might not be tied down right now, but when you start a family and set roots, it’s harder to change jobs at the drop of a hat.

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When I have an idea, do I know anyone who will listen?

Just like when there’s a problem in the office, what happens when you have an idea? It shouldn’t matter if you are an intern or an executive, you should have an outlet to express your ideas (always with respect, of course). A company that is open to ideas cares about the welfare of their employees, not to mention is interested in promoting those with ideas.

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