Avoid the Hiring Deal Breakers with Career Networking

I was reading this interesting article on CNN about Hiring Manager Deal Breakers. Among other things that the article identified as deal breakers, the social blunders that candidates commonly do that can cost them a job include:

* Use of social media language like “lol” as if it were a real word

* Having a really immature ring tone on the cell phone and not keeping the phone on silent or switched off mode during the interview

* Poor online personal brand management by the candidate. When you Google the candidate’s name, you get to read stuff you wouldn’t want in your employee.

This last one got me thinking. While poor online brand management can cost you a lucrative job, good online brand management can actually give you an edge and land you that job ahead of others. How?

What others say about you can influence decision makers. How many times have you decided on something because someone you trust had a good word about it? Hiring is no different. Hiring managers can and do lean in favor of referrals and recommendations they get from professionals they know and trust. Their professional network could either give you the edge or come in the way of getting the job.

If you are well networked and connected to the right professionals in your industry, you also stand a better chance of getting to know of job openings ahead of others. Your professional contacts can refer you to hiring managers and this can be the difference between getting and missing out on the job.

It’s true that you cannot possibly know all the right people in your industry. It’s also inconceivable that they would recommend or refer you just because you are a casual acquaintance. And that’s where career networking comes in. Cachinko’s career networking platform gets you connected with those who want to connect to you. You get to know of jobs within your career network. You get referred for the right jobs and stand the best chance of beating the clutter and landing the job.

While it is important to avoid the deal breakers, it is equally if not more important to stay ahead on the deal makers. Go ahead, join Cachinko and start building your career network. All the best!

Source: CNN

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